Black Dog


"The relationship between the two men fit their needs perfectly...Be prepared to be surprised and alarmed but above all entertained with the journey Garrick and Tristan are forced to make to be happy."  Ecata Sensual Reviews


Can a ghostly hound tell the difference between love and fear? Will man's best friend save the day?


Garrick and Tristan thought they were done with hauntings when they rid themselves of the evil ghost of Gabriel Blackthorne. But it seems that their connection to the supernatural runs deeper when howls in the night and glimpses of glowing red eyes gradually manifest into sightings of a mysterious black dog.

The ghostly hound seems to be protecting Tristan, but from what?

A group of friends visiting for the weekend provide a welcome distraction, but one of them would like to be more than friends with Garrick. Frankie sees Tristan as nothing more than a temporary inconvenience and does everything in his power to tempt Garrick away.

Rejected by Garrick, Frankie goes to extreme lengths to get his attention, using Tristan as his pawn in a very disturbing game.

How do you demonstrate the difference between love and fear when bondage and submission are parts of the equation? Will the Black Dog fulfil its role as protector or will Tristan pay the ultimate price for love?




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