Book Blast and competition

Elemental Love will feature on all these blogs today, along with a competition to win a goody bag of book-related prizes. #ElementalLove #TheWarlocks #MMParanormal #MMBDSM #PridePublishing #LMSomerton

Elemental Love reaches general release

It's release day for book #1 of the new Warlocks series. I'll post the links later but if you pre-ordered, I hope you enjoy Evrain, Dominic and their adventures. #LMSomerton #PridePublishing #MMBDSM #MMParanormal #ElementalLove #TheWarlocks

Chemical Bonds

My forthcoming standalone BDSM release, Chemical Bonds, can be added to your wishlist at Pride Publishing. #ChemicalBonds #PridePublishing #LMSomerton #MMBDSM

Early Download - Elemental Love

If you want to get your mitts on Elemental Love before general release, it's available now from Pride Publishing where it's currently sitting at #1 in the BDSM bestseller chart. #ElementalLove #Warlocks1 #MMBDSM #LMSomerton #PridePublishing

Stroke Rate - new edition out now

The revised edition of Stroke Rate is now available on general release. Check out the 'buy' page on the website for links. #StrokeRate #LMSomerton #MMBDSM #PridePublishing #Rowing

Review for Stroke Rate

There are a lot of review sites out there. Some are mediocre at best, others are great and the reviewers put a huge amount of work into their reviews. Recently, there has been a new and refreshing addition to the collection. Will Reads is author Will Parkinson's review site. He only reviews books he has bought himself. Here is a snippet from his recent review of Stroke Rate: "So if you told me when Stroke Rate first came out, that I would fall in love with a book about rowing, I would have scoffed. Somehow, though, LM Somerton pulled me into this world, making me feel like a part of it. She’s got that way about her. I read the first iteration of Stroke Rate and fell head over heels for it. T

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