His Rules

Now available on general release, this anthology from Pride Publishing includes my short story Tagging Mackenzie. Tagging Mackenzie by L.M. Somerton, reviewed by Christy Duke I was not surprised, in the least, that one of my favorite authors wrote me a bratty sub. This author has a great deal of practice with bratty submissives, particularly ones who go out of their way to, well…get their way. *grins* Ah Kenzie. Bratty, mouthy, very easily distracted, and a secret tagger. I adored him immediately. Especially when he decides to tag the brick wall outside of Steele's business with a BDSM themed biker image. Too bad he gets caught. Or maybe not, since he's been dying for Steele's attention. Wha

Hop for Visibility, Awareness & Equality

For my post I'd like to share this video from Black Trans Media with J Mase III performing a poem that highlights a very particular line of questioning that trans and gender-nonconforming folks are subjected to every day. It's incredibly important that these issues get as much positive exposure as possible. I'm sure you, like me, have had times in your life when you've felt vulnerable. I have never experienced blatant discrimination however and can only imagine the silent suffering for those who do. I am not trans, gay or bi but I hope I'm the kind of human being who cares enough to be a supportive voice for those who are. Many quiet voices together send a loud message - by supporting this h

Chemical Bonds reaches general release

Chemical Bonds is now available on general release. “A delightfully loving tale of a D/s partnership” Rainbow Book Reviews “These two together are so much fun to read. Plus they’re undeniably sexy and so kinky you just have to fan yourself.” Molly Lolly “This was a lot fun with two characters who were very easy to like and had a sparkling chemistry together.” Prism Book Alliance If you'd like to check it out here are some links... Amazon US: Amazon UK: All Romance:… Pride Publishing: #LMSomerton #PridePublishing #ChemicalBonds #MMBD

New buy links

Each book page now has direct links to Amazon in the US and UK. On the BUY page you'll find links to other sellers and I've now added direct links to Amazon in Spain, France and Italy. For Germany, there is a search box as the direct link widget isn't currently available, so just type in L M Somerton and you should arrive on the right page. Hope these help as I've had a few requests for more links.

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