Elemental Hope pre-order links

Here are the Amazon pre-order links for Elemental Hope: UK: US: And from Pride Publishing: #MMromance #MMParanormal #MMBDSM #MM #ElementalHope #Warlocks2 #TheWarlocks #LMSomerton #PridePublishing #warlocks

Up in the Air with George Loveland

A bit of a shout out today for my friend George Loveland, who has a new book out - his first self published work. And check out his bio - he's in the market for a hubby! Looking for love is the last thing air steward, James Foster, is thinking about when he swaps flights to save his hung-over best friend’s job. He doesn’t know that fate has other ideas and he would fall for the tall, bearded passenger, Darren Busby, sat in 14D. Up in the air, James finds that the connection he has with Darren is too strong to ignore. After missing the opportunity to ask for Darren’s number, James' jaw hits the floor when Darren walks into the same hotel he is staying at. Butterflies and nerves take over, b

Haven's War by Parker Williams

I hope you enjoy this absolutely brilliant post from Parker Williams where the characters from Haven's War get to interview their author...let the fun times begin! “Seriously? So what you’re saying is that we get to interview him?” “That’s what I’m saying.” Sammy grinned. “Oh, this will be fun.” “So do we all get to ask him questions, or is it just Haven and Sammy?” “You can each ask him something, Kelly.” Kelly’s grin made me feel bad for Parker, but he was the one who offered to do something for my blog. When Parker peeked around the corner, everyone took a seat. Parker must have noticed the way they were smirking, because his eyes went wide as he took a chair. “I’m going to regret this, a

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