Black Cap, Camden

My workplace has been featuring lots of interesting articles during LGBT History Month and I asked my colleague, Jamie Johnston, if it would be okay to share his blog post. He kindly agreed and here he is talking about the history of the famous Black Cap in Camden, London. London lost 58% of its LGBT+ night-life spaces between 2006 and 2016, and one of those was my local, the Black Cap. The Cap dates back at least as far as 1751, and from the mid-1960s onwards it was one of London's most famous and successful LGBT+ social spaces and drag and cabaret venues nicknamed 'the Palladium of drag'. The centre of a community It launched and fostered the careers of performers including Mrs Shufflewic

New free story

The Wyverns series is now complete but lots of people wanted to know if Bull and Artie got their happy ever after. So, you can find out here in this free short story. Mating season is almost over for The Wyverns motorcycle club, or so it seems to Bull and Artie who’ve been watching from the side lines as their fellow bikers pair up. Ex-snipers, they’ve been in each other’s sights for a while, so perhaps it’s time to get in a bit of target practice and find out what they’ve been missing. #TheWyverns #MMromance #MMbikers #PridePublishing #LMSomerton

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