Sand Trap


Finalist - John Preston Short Story Award, National Leather Association International.

"They are leather clad dominant men who work hard and play harder but underneath all their brawn and attitude are men who fall in love easily and protect the men they love with everything they have."  Love Bytes

"Shelton and Crow have a great connection that they have built through their flirting and friendship."  Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words

Exposing secrets can be lethal.


Crow has had his eye on baby-faced Shelton since the young man became part of the Wyverns, but Crow is a committed Dom and unsure that Shelton is ready, or willing, to become his submissive. Getting trapped together during a dust storm provides an opportunity to find out.

When the dust settles, the winds have scoured the desert and uncovered a shallow grave full of bodies. Smuggling people across the border is big business and Crow knows that the traffickers will not want their gruesome secret revealed to the authorities.

When Shelton is taken and used as collateral, Crow and the Wyverns have to decide just how far they are prepared to go to serve justice and save Shelton’s life.



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