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Owned by the Sea


"Great story very strong and emotional, full of life and death and art and life. Well written, fully developed characters and the locals well described. I felt as if I were there and I really felt like I knew these people."  Linda, Goodreads.

"Touching, sweet, sexy, funny, kinky, and uplifting, Owned by the Sea was an utterly delightful read featuring three very memorable MCs (yes, I do include Marmite), a stellar cast of secondary characters, and a stunning setting. I highly recommend Owned by the Sea to anyone who enjoys their romance with a healthy dose of kink and characters who will stay with you even after you’ve finished reading."  Author Helena Stone

"Jed and Jonty are beautiful together. They each give the other something that they need. Jonty gives Jed someone to care for, and Jed gives Jonty someone to lean on when times are tough, but also someone who knows when he needs to let Jonty test his limits in life."  Author Will Parkinson

Storms pass and, in their wake, new beginnings can be found.

Talented young artist Jonty Trelawn paints the sea as self-inflicted punishment. For almost a year he has hidden away from life, survivor’s guilt consuming him, but the time has come to move on. He conceives the idea of a charity art auction in support of the local lifeboat station and the men and women who saved his life. He hopes the tribute to his family will release him from the sea’s invisible chains.

Carpenter Jed Curnow is bound to the water in a different way. As deputy coxswain of the Govenek, the local lifeboat, his world revolves around the close-knit crew. He thinks nothing of risking his life to save others. Saving Jonty is less dangerous but just as important to him. He wants nothing more than to give Jonty the love and security he needs.

Jed’s dominant personality calls to Jonty’s more submissive nature but will he ever allow himself to be happy? It’s up to Jed and his best friend Marmite to help Jonty put his tragic past behind him and live for the future.


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