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Back List Bite - The Portrait


I'm picking a few books from my backlist to talk about, and here's the first. The Portrait holds a special place in my heart because it was my first published work. It's a short, BDSM ghost story and I had enormous fun writing it. At the time I never imagined it would go on to win the Pauline Reage Novel Award from the National Leather Association. Getting published was terrifying. I'm sure all new authors go through the anxiety of thinking that everyone will hate what they write and I was no exception. The jubilation of getting that first contract was soon replaced by a sense of impending doom. I had never been near facebook, thought twitter was something that birds did and had no idea about promotion. A supportive publisher, talented editors and a lot of lovely MM authors gave their support, for which I'll always be grateful.

Click the cover for blurby stuff!

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