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Muse Moment - Tristan


I was just talking about The Portrait, so my first muse moment is Tristan from that book. He's a shy, slightly geeky, librarian type. Here's a little snippet from the book...

Tristan flopped onto the bed and stretched out with his hands behind his head. He closed his eyes and thought about the painting he had admired. He would love that image to be real, to have a semi-naked Garrick sitting in the chair opposite his bed. Although he was alone with his thoughts, he still felt his face heating as his cock stiffened. He slid a hand beneath his waistband and caressed himself gently.

In his imagination, Garrick rose from the chair and stalked across the room to lean over him, dark hair hanging forwards in a soft curtain. He didn’t speak, just moved to straddle Tristan and grasp his hips with slim hands. Their lips met and Tristan moaned as Garrick bit down hard enough to draw blood. Tristan’s breathing quickened. He could almost feel Garrick’s weight pinning him down, and was enjoying the delicious sensation of being completely at his mercy.

His eyes snapped open. What the hell was he doing? He’d only just met the man and was already fantasising about him. He retrieved his hand and refused to let his body complete the journey it had set out on.

#ThePortrait #LMSomerton #MMBDSM

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