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Guest Author - J P Bowie

I met JP last year. He was wearing a cloak and looking very suave and sophisticated (yes, it was a costume party, I'm fairly certain he doesn't dress like that all the time). I think I've read almost everything JP has written but I daren't pick a favourite... I do love the My Vampire and I series though. He's twice been a nominated finalist in LAMDA's best gay fiction - once for Hard Working Men and another for Time After Time, so I'm a bit in awe.

JP has kindly offered 2 copies of his latest release, All I'll Ever Need from Totally Bound, for the prize draw so you may see some comments from me so that I get lots of entries (Kidding. No really.) Think I'd better let JP take it from here before I get myself into trouble...


Hi, I’m J.P. Bowie and I write m/m erotic romance for Totally Bound, MLR Press and Wilde City Press. This year will see my 61st published story – The Vampire and the P.I. – due out in late May from WCP.

I love writing, getting into the minds of heroes and villains alike and hopefully bringing to the readers characters they can relate to and want to spend time with – even when the story is about vampires!

My latest release is All I’ll Ever Need: The book is pure romance but it deals in part with a subject that is still unfortunately prevalent today – young men and women being ostracized by their own families when they come out.

All Edward Conway needs is someone to love, and in sexy Puerto Rican Alex Martinez, he may have found that someone—until a wild party threatens to take everything from him.

When Edward Conway came out to his family he never imagined their reaction would be to shut him out of their lives. Searching for acceptance he leaves his hometown hoping to find a new life in Los Angeles. Finally daring to enter a gay bar by himself, he meets Alex Martinez, a celebrities publicity agent, and the two men connect on all kinds of levels. Despite the pressure of Alex’s job, which takes him out of town soon after he and Edward connect, Edward feels he may just have met the man who can give him something to live for.

Things look good until Edward’s wild roommate Troy, needs a lift to a party where ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’ are the order of the day. Reluctantly Edward agrees to drive Troy to the party, but before he can leave he becomes the victim of a vicious incident that could shatter the hopes he had for the future. Alex is there to lend support but he is haunted by a tragic past, and in the present is torn between an old loyalty and the wish to make Edward a lasting part of his life.

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