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Guest Author - Morticia Knight


I would really like to thank LM for inviting me to be a part of her new website reveal – it’s an honor! I’ve been reading LM’s stories for almost as long as she’s been published, so it’s a thrill to be a part of this next phase of her fabulous writing career!

In honor of this event, I’ll be giving away an e-copy of the first book in The Hampton Road Club, a 1920’s BDSM series.

As long as we’re talking about 1920’s BDSM, I’ll share a naughty excerpt from the newest instalment, Mastering Love, which you can pre-order now at Totally Bound. I’ve been having the greatest time writing this series because it is set in the Roaring Twenties. None of the modern rules and contracts and Safe, Sane and Consensual or any other familiar BDSM terms existed then, so it’s been interesting to imagine how those concepts may have developed organically. All of the Dominant men in this series have a natural desire to do the right thing by their submissives, even if it’s still a work in progress for them. In Mastering Love (The Hampton Road Club 4), the young submissive Evan despairs of ever finding the perfect Master, after already failing in two Master/submissive relationships. Is it because he needs something more from a Master that even he doesn’t understand?

Evan was more relaxed with him and Ned was thrilled. He wasn’t trying to put on a big show for Ned anymore. There was no doubt that he remained submissive to Ned and was definitely intent upon pleasing him, but he was no longer doing it for effect. It was from his heart.

“How much do you like sweet things?”

Ned found he got a lot of enjoyment out of detecting the slightest of reactions from Evan. The faintest of twitches, crease of his brow or sudden inhalation were all treasure maps that guided Ned to the true essence of the young man.

“I like them quite a lot, Sir.”

“I do too. I like candies and cakes. They’re decadent things. There’s so much pleasure in their richness. But I also love the taste of a delectable man’s skin, the tender flesh of his lips as I explore them with my tongue.”

Ned lowered his gaze. Evan had hardened nicely, the head of his cock deepening into a glorious shade of red. He lifted his eyes then continued.

“What about strawberries, Evan? Would you like it if I bit off the end of one then dipped it in the sugar? The juice would collect a hearty amount of the crystals—there would be plenty for me to paint your lips with. Perhaps the light scrape of the hard crystals would make your mouth very sensitive to touch. Then I would have no choice but to lick you clean before I painted them again.”

Evan’s steeled erection leaked and Ned knew the answer. However, he still waited for the boy’s response.

“I would like that quite a bit, Sir.” His voice had been just above a whisper.

Ned picked up a plump berry then bit into it. He did as he’d said he would, rubbing it slowly across Evan’s mouth. To his credit, he didn’t attempt to swipe away the sugar with his tongue. He remained absolutely still. Ned leaned forward then tasted Evan’s lips. He remained passive, made no attempt to kiss or aid Ned in his exploration. Ned moved over and over Evan’s soft lips until every granule had been lapped up.

“Divine.” Ned raised the strawberry to Evan’s mouth. “Take a big bite. Enjoy the tartness of the fruit combined with the sweetness of the sugar.”

Evan complied, red juice dribbling down his chin when he did. Ned descended on him, sucking up the fluid then licking his way back to Evan’s lips. He couldn’t stand it. Ned pushed a sweetened kiss into Evan’s mouth, tasting his boy combined with the tart fruit. He sought out every part of him—his tongue, teeth, palate. Ned explored him thoroughly.

Pulling away, breathless, Ned didn’t stop to ponder what he was doing, what it might mean. He simply didn’t care. All that existed for him was Evan.

He plucked another berry from the bowl, presented it for Evan to bite, then gathered more sugar on the piece of fruit. Ned pressed the cold confection against one of Evan’s nipples and the boy hissed. He swirled it around the tightened nub, the rasp of the sugar undoubtedly sparking his nerves. Evan moaned loudly, and Ned was incredibly pleased.

“I… Sorry, Sir.”

Ned kept up the movements on Evan’s skin then switched to the other nipple.

“What are you sorry for?”

“I didn’t mean to be so loud, Sir.”

“I thought it was a magnificent sound. Make as much noise as you want with me, Evan. Let me hear what I do to you.”

Ned leaned down to swipe away the sugar on Evan’s first nipple with his tongue. Evan whimpered. Smiling, Ned, licked a trail to the next one. He lapped at it, flicking it to hardness, then nipped it with his teeth. Evan arched and cried out, his eyes screwing shut. As it turned out, Evan did have tasty skin—very tasty skin. He could lick him all night.


You can pre-order Mastering Love at Totally Bound

You can visit me and find out more about my books here:

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