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Geek vs Fireman


Firstly, thank you to our wonderful host LM Somerton, who was kind enough to invite me along to this shindig J Thank you!

Secondly my post headline = Geek Vs Fireman

Now, this might sound like might have you imagining an epic battle with big, powerful hoses *wink* and muscular men sticking it to the loudmouth geeks that actually run the world. I can't promise you that, but I can tell you a story of a geek with a twisted, painful past and a fireman smack bang in the middle of it all.

What do you do when you're a geek that got bored and hacked into places you really shouldn’t have and you get caught? Well, Andrew was offered a choice—prison or go to work for the CIA. As it turned out he loved his job, he actually has the ability to help people, at least until he figures out his boss is selling secrets and may well be trying to kill him. Returning home, the place he ran from to get away from humiliating and painful memories is his only option. That means facing the best friend, crush and the person who betrayed him. Oh, and he also has to survive a truck load of family drama.



So…share the link to the blog and comment and maybe our lovely host will be kind enough to select a winner at the end of the month for an ebook version of Out of Ctrl where you can see for yourself the heat burning between Teddy and Andrew.

Happy reading!

#LMSomerton #SAWelsh #OutofCTRL #TotallyBound

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