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Muse Moment - Cal


Cal is the submissive character in Mountain Rescue. He's sweet, innocent and has a hard time understanding why he's attracted to Ford Collister's forceful, dominant personality. Here's a little snippet that I think sums him up well.

Cal still hadn’t spoken. There was a vague idea in his head that, having been insulted, teased and now ordered around, he ought to object or at least come up with some kind of sarcastic retort. Instead, he made a mug of black coffee, thumped it down on the table in front of his demanding guest and muttered, “Good morning to you, too.”

Ford took a sip of coffee and rolled his eyes.

“Fuck. If I’d known you were going to produce this swill, I’d never have asked.”

Cal looked back at him in disbelief. “You didn’t ask. You just issued an order. It’s all I’ve got, so like it or lump it.”

One dark eyebrow rose a little. “Put some clothes on. I’ll buy you breakfast.”

Ford looked as if he would have been quite happy to sling Cal over his shoulder and carry him off exactly as he was. Cal was painfully aware of how tight his shorts were and Ford’s assertiveness was making him tingle in all the right places. He had to get away before his body gave Ford something else to criticise.

Cal’s exasperation was offset by his unvoiced agreement about the quality of the coffee and the growling coming from his stomach. He thumped upstairs and pulled on a pair of old, paint-stained jeans and stuck his bare feet into a pair of deck shoes. He ran a hand through his hair and glanced in the mirror.

“What the hell are you doing, Callum?” His hazel eyes stared back accusingly. “He’s obnoxious. Gorgeous, but obnoxious, and almost certainly straight. You are asking for trouble.” He shrugged at his reflection. He knew from bitter experience that life was too short. He’d followed his heart when he’d uprooted his entire existence—what could he lose by following it again?

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