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Early Download Testing Lysander


Peer review for Testing Lysander from Lily Harlem:

"Lysander Brock is an extreme photographer with an extreme boyfriend who takes on dangerous missions. Kyle Dawson, is much more than he seems on first appearance, he’s also dominant and determined, passionate and demanding and at times, sinfully playful.

With an unusual location of the mighty jungle, complete with waterfalls and terrorists, Testing Lysander is a page-turning read that will thrill you and give you ‘ahh’ moments. The characters are as vivid as the scenery, the dynamics between the duo fascinating and the sex as steamy as the humid air. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going and it’s then Kyle shows his true colours and Brock has to trust him not just with his pleasure but also his life. A recommended read for lovers of mm erotica who enjoy Dominance and submission and kidnap and suspense with their romance."

You can get your mitts on Testing Lysander now at Totally Bound where the edition contains a bonus chapter that won't be available anywhere else. Remeber, you really need to read Picturing Lysander first - the short story is a full prequel to the longer novel.

Comments on this post still qualify for May's big competition, so check back to earlier posts as well, especially those by guest authors who are kindly donating prizes. Sign-ups to the newsletter also get an entry. Winners will be announced on the blog, June 1st.

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