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Congratulations - May Competition Winners!


As promised, here are the winners from May's big launch competition. For those of you who have won prizes offered by other authors, I will need to pass your email addresses on. On the list below, if your name is starred, I definitely have your email address already. If there is no star, I either don't have it or I'm not sure, so please email me at to let me know how to contact you. For those who didn't win, better luck next time - there were hundreds of entries and I wish I could have given a prize to everyone. Look out for information about my Facebook takeover at Totally Bound later this month when there will be more opportunities to win.


Lee Todd - ebook of your choice from my backlist

blea125* - ebook of your choice from my backlist

Mina Gerhart - ecopy of LA Brat by Ashe Barker

Demetra - ecopy of Next Weekend by H K Carlton

monchari* - ecopy of Hard Riders Anthology

AM Fasano - ecopy of Athis Dey by Jennifer Wright

Sula - ecopy of All I'll Ever Need by J P Bowie

Jen CW - ecopy of All I'll Ever Need by J P Bowie

MA Church* - audio copy of The Silk Tie by Lily Harlem

Doris L - ecopy of The Hampton Road Club #1 by Morticia Knight

HB - ecopy of Out of Control by SA Welsh

seaotter89* ecopy of Bus Stories by Sean Michael

Anna Barlow - ebook of your choice from SJD Peterson's backlist

cw_sinsiter* - ecopy of Testing Lysander

flutterfli01* - ecopy of What's his Passion Anthology

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