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Review for Stroke Rate

There are a lot of review sites out there. Some are mediocre at best, others are great and the reviewers put a huge amount of work into their reviews. Recently, there has been a new and refreshing addition to the collection. Will Reads is author Will Parkinson's review site. He only reviews books he has bought himself. Here is a snippet from his recent review of Stroke Rate:

"So if you told me when Stroke Rate first came out, that I would fall in love with a book about rowing, I would have scoffed. Somehow, though, LM Somerton pulled me into this world, making me feel like a part of it. She’s got that way about her. I read the first iteration of Stroke Rate and fell head over heels for it. This new version is quite a bit longer and, in my opinion, softens the edges of Lucien just a little bit. Enough to make me love him even more, especially when he interacts with Ben. Prepare to fall in love with these men, because as Ben finds out, once Lucien has you, he’s got no intention of letting you go."

I'd encourage you to check out his site for insightful reviews of other great reads.

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