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His Rules

Now available on general release, this anthology from Pride Publishing includes my short story Tagging Mackenzie.

Tagging Mackenzie by L.M. Somerton, reviewed by Christy Duke I was not surprised, in the least, that one of my favorite authors wrote me a bratty sub. This author has a great deal of practice with bratty submissives, particularly ones who go out of their way to, well…get their way. *grins*

Ah Kenzie. Bratty, mouthy, very easily distracted, and a secret tagger. I adored him immediately. Especially when he decides to tag the brick wall outside of Steele's business with a BDSM themed biker image. Too bad he gets caught. Or maybe not, since he's been dying for Steele's attention. What Kenzie doesn’t know is that he'd caught the powerful Doms eye, but Steele was concerned that Kenzie wasn't strong enough to play with him. They're both about to get their worlds rocked. In twenty-four hours, no less.

An extremely hot addition to this book, the author gave me everything I needed, and then some.

Here are some links (you can also visit my 'buy' page for more):

Amazon US - Amazon UK - Pride Publishing - All Romance -…

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