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Grand Opening by Morticia Knight

New Release: Grand Opening (Kiss of Leather 4) by Morticia Knight

The latest book in the Bestselling Kiss of Leather series is now available! This M/M BDSM series tells the stories of three Doms who build their own premiere BDSM club from the ground up in West Hollywood. Along the way they meet their boys, renew old vows and tackle a mystery that threatens the subs' lives. Join them on their journey that begins with Book 1: Building Bonds. Read on to find out more about the newest release, Grand Opening.

The men of Kiss of Leather celebrate a beginning, but will the price be another ending?

The grand opening of Kiss of Leather draws near and the pressure is on to make sure everything is completed in time. Master Josh is a perfectionist, so no detail is too small in order to enhance the quality of the prestigious club they’ve all worked so tirelessly on. Unfortunately, the endless demands on Josh’s time have caused him to forget the more important things in life.

David’s love for Master Josh is overpowering at times, but lately, that love has been constantly tested. How can a sub in a fulltime D/s relationship serve a Master who’s never there? As things continue to deteriorate between him and Josh, David wonders if maybe his Master has tired of having to care for a sub fulltime.

By the time the grand opening arrives, Josh and David seem to have worked out their differences and David is hopeful for their future. The emotional collaring ceremony between Gavin and Kyle is a beautiful reminder of the power of love. But when an unexpected party crasher intrudes on the evening’s festivities, the men are reminded that there are still too many unanswered questions related to Corey’s kidnapping.

More than ever, the men of Kiss of Leather need to stand strong together. Will Josh and David be able to do the same?


The sound of David’s muffled heartbeat echoed in his ears, dizziness consuming David as he found himself encouraged to sink to the floor, Josh’s embrace guiding him. He gasped and panted for air as he curled onto Josh’s lap. Josh soothed him with possessive touches as he caressed him through the aftermath of his orgasm. He whispered words of love and reassurance, praised him for being the best sub as he pressed soft kisses to his head.

David had run the gamut of emotions within the span of a few hours and he was exhausted.


“Yes, sweetheart?”

“I wouldn’t mind taking a nap on the sofa if you need to take care of those other things before we leave.”

Josh squeezed him tightly. “You aren’t saying that purely for my benefit are you?”

David yawned unexpectedly then chuckled. “I swear I’m not. But if you’re hungry, go ahead and eat while I’m resting.”

Josh let out a small growl and David tensed. “Sorry, boy. That’s merely my opinion of my bad behavior these past few months. You might have forgiven me, but it could take a while before I forgive myself.”

David snuggled into Josh’s warmth. “I don’t want you to feel that way. I love you.”

Another kiss was pressed to his head. “Love you too. Very much.”

Josh encircled David’s waist, then maneuvered him off his lap. “Here. Hold on to me while I stand up. I don’t want you to topple over because I’ve got you hobbled by your jeans.”

“Yeah. That’d be a definite mood breaker.”

Josh snorted as he rose to his feet. He helped David set himself to rights, then led him to the settee. “If this isn’t comfortable enough, you could lie down on a bed in one of the private rooms.”

David hugged his Master, holding on tightly. It wasn’t until that exact moment that he realized he’d been afraid to even touch him. Their contract didn’t include limitations on touch unless specified in a scene. They were both affectionate men, so they’d agreed from the beginning that physical contact wouldn’t be a part of their rules. But Josh’s recent distance from him emotionally had begun to shut down the part of David that wanted to touch his Master all the time.

“Please. I want to stay in here with you. Be near you.”

“Of course, David. You don’t have to ask. I only wanted to be make sure you’d be comfortable.”

Josh gave him another kiss, then strode back to his desk. David settled onto his side, his legs bent to accommodate the short length of the small couch, his feet dangling over the edge anyway. He kept his hands folded under his cheek and fixed his gaze on Josh. Josh caught him staring and winked, but then went back to scanning his computer screen while eating the tuna sandwich David had prepared.

His eyes fluttered, his mind wandering as he began to doze off. Pretty soon, the club would be opened and everything would go back to the way it once was. Even if Josh would still have to work at the club, he’d just shown David how David’s needs came first.



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