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Happy February

It's been a while since I've posted about what I'm up to, so here goes. I've taken a career break from my job and until November I'll be (hopefully) spending more time writing as well as focusing on more promo activities. Next up for release in March is the next book in The Wyverns series, so if you're craving more hot bikers Crow and Shelton are on their way. French rights to the first two books in this series have also been sold.

My WIP is the second book in The Warlocks series, Elemental Hope. It's about half done and going well so far, touch wood.

Binding the Edges, the last book (for a while) in the Tales from The Edge series came out in January to great reviews. I want to thank everyone who has bought and enjoyed the series. Don't forget there are several free stories on the Pride Publishing site featuring these characters.

We have the first snowdrops in our garden and I can't wait for spring to arrive with some warmer weather. As it is, writing with a blanket around my knees and mug of hot chocolate to hand is not so bad.

LM xx

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