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New release - Owned by the Sea

It feels like it has been a long time coming, but Owned by the Sea is out today! A huge thank you to those of you who pre-ordered and to everyone leaving reviews or taking part in the blog tour. Your support is much appreciated.

"Great story very strong and emotional, full of life and death and art and life. Well written, fully developed characters and the locals well described. I felt as if I were there and I really felt like I knew these people." Linda, Goodreads.

"Touching, sweet, sexy, funny, kinky, and uplifting, Owned by the Sea was an utterly delightful read featuring three very memorable MCs (yes, I do include Marmite), a stellar cast of secondary characters, and a stunning setting. I highly recommend Owned by the Sea to anyone who enjoys their romance with a healthy dose of kink and characters who will stay with you even after you’ve finished reading." Author Helena Stone

"Jed and Jonty are beautiful together. They each give the other something that they need. Jonty gives Jed someone to care for, and Jed gives Jonty someone to lean on when times are tough, but also someone who knows when he needs to let Jonty test his limits in life." Author Will Parkinson

Buy now at Pride Publishing or Amazon.

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