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  • L M Somerton

Well, it's been a while...

2020 has been pretty overwhelming so far. My day job has been even busier than usual as a result of the pandemic and there has been little time for writing (or reading, much to my regret). I've been on a covid-related secondment for a few months but that has now come to an end so I feel like I have my life back a bit. I'm fortunate in that I can work from home and my immediate family are not in high-risk categories. We have a big garden so have it good compared to a lot of people. Things still play on my mind...parents in their seventies and eighties, the impact on my student daughter's future, the terrible consequences for so many who have lost their loved ones. Writing is more of an escape than ever. I hope all of you are getting through the pandemic as best you can, coping however works for you.

I also wanted to publically state my support for #blacklivesmatter. I am very aware of my privilege as a white woman. I don't take it lightly. Racism is a blight on society and has no place in our world. I can't begin to understand what my colleagues and friends of colour have experienced but I can listen, I can support, I can speak out. LM xx

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