Reaching the Edge



"Beautifully done.  Highly erotic and tastefully written.  Reaching the Edge takes a fascinating look at the BDSM lifestyle and the men who relish that world.  Joe is all Dom and an intelligent, successful businessman.  Oliver is still dealing with a painful past, physical and mental trauma though he refuses to let it ruin his future. He’s sweet with an iron core.  Reaching the Edge is a powerful, character driven story that resonates with heart and redemption.  I Joyfully recommend Reaching the Edge.  Simply stunning."  Joyfully Reviewed


“Oh, and Olly? My favorite character. God he’s just a freaking dervish. He’s like a Gremlin. Don’t feed him sugar. EVER. You’ll see.”  Mrs Condit & Friends



When you reach the edge you can’t avoid taking a leap of faith.


Joe Dexter leads a complicated life. In one world he is a consultant criminal psychologist; in another he runs The Edge, a successful corporate training company. He’s also an active Dom in the London BDSM scene.

A social call to The Underground, a club owned by an old friend, turns into much more when Joe is introduced to a prospective sub. Falling hard for the boy’s tumbling blonde curls, huge blue eyes and desperate need for protection Joe carefully coaxes him out of his shell. By the end of an intense weekend, unbreakable bonds have been forged and Joe is well on the way to becoming Olly’s master.

Joe knows that there is trauma in Olly’s past, but it is not until his professional and private lives collide that Joe discovers the truth. He knows he shouldn’t have let Olly out of his sight but it’s too late – Olly’s old master is back on the scene and he’s not in the mood to forgive and forget.

With Olly’s life on the line, Joe risks everything to save him. Has Joe found his perfect submissive only to lose him in a horrible twist of fate, or will love win the day? They’ve reached the edge and there’s no avoiding a leap of faith.




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