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"This was so much fun, an exciting story of two artists who discover some inventive things to do with heavy machinery."   BoyMeetsBoy Reviews

"I adored Mackenzie and Steele. Mackenzie was a total sweetheart. You could feel his discontent by not having the guiding hand he needed and then the way he settled into his skin after being with Steele."  Molly Lolly


Achieving a Dom’s undivided attention can have unpredictable consequences.


Steele Denton's business doing custom paint jobs for fast bikes is booming. He's in demand and has a reputation for being a perfectionist. Tattooed and intimidating, Steele is also in demand as a Dom at his local BDSM club, Chain of Thorns. He requires perfect submission from any sub he deigns to play with.

Mackenzie Soames is desperate for Steele to notice him, but might as well be invisible. He has no idea how to get invited into the VIP members’ area that Steele rarely strays from, so he concocts a plan to get Steele's attention. Kenzie is a talented graffiti artist with a secret identity, known only by his tag, a pair of handcuffs. He spray-paints a BDSM scene on a wall at the side of Steele's workshop, hoping Steele will see the security footage and track him down. However, Steele is working late and catches him in the act.

Steele recognises Kenzie from the club and demands twenty-four hours of sexual slavery as penance for the graffiti. Kenzie has no choice but to agree and soon discovers that being Steele's sub will either make him or break him.


Note: this is a short story first published in the His Rules Anthology, which is no longer available.

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