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Testing Lysander

Peer review from Lily Harlem: "Lysander Brock is an extreme photographer with an extreme boyfriend who takes on dangerous missions. Kyle Dawson, is much more than he seems on first appearance, he’s also dominant and determined, passionate and demanding and at times, sinfully playful.


With an unusual location of the mighty jungle, complete with waterfalls and terrorists, Testing Lysander is a page-turning read that will thrill you and give you ‘ahh’ moments. The characters are as vivid as the scenery, the dynamics between the duo fascinating and the sex as steamy as the humid air. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going and it’s then Kyle shows his true colours and Brock has to trust him not just with his pleasure but also his life. A recommended read for lovers of mm erotica who enjoy Dominance and submission and kidnap and suspense with their romance."


Crystal's Many Reviewers: 5 stars " The story wasn’t about two die hard action men, which I did love.  Lysander’s character was just amazing because it was great to be able to see him grow throughout this book.  When things got tough, he got tougher and was willing to fight for what he wanted, and what he needed to do.

Kyle was just great as well.  His dominance was done in a great way because it didn’t over through the whole story, but instead added to what was going on.  And I really felt like his dominance was part of what was able to make Lysander grow as much as he did.


Sinfully Sexy Books: " This is an exciting story, packed with action and threaded slowly through it is a love story I hope will last."


Joyfully Reviewed: "Heat. Heart pounding action. Adventure and erotic D/s explode within the pages of Testing Lysander. Complex characters are put to the test sexually and professionally in this non-stop storyline. Nothing is out of bounds where Kyle and Brock are concerned in this wild romance, though the D/s component is more mind games than anything else. Such wicked fun in Testing Lysander is sure to please readers."

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Lysander Brock is a talented extreme photographer and capturing the perfect picture is his passion. His work takes him all over the world and he is famous for his willingness to take risks for unique images.

Kyle Dawson is tasked by his mysterious employer to obtain Lysander’s services for a dangerous job and he’s prepared to use any method to ensure that the young photographer does as he’s told. Breaking and entering and blackmail are just tools of his trade.

Despite the circumstances, the spark of attraction between Lysander and Kyle is strong. Lysander’s addiction to adrenalin-fuelled adventure holds him captive just as much as Kyle’s brooding, dominant appeal. As a fragile trust builds between them, Kyle takes a gamble and tells Brock the truth about his mission. Can Brock accept the challenges ahead, as a photographer and as a man?




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