L M Somerton

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Unlocking long-buried secrets could save lives…or cost them.

In the heart of London’s labyrinthine streets, Landry Carran, sub and antique store owner, becomes embroiled in the pursuit of a missing treasure. Along with his Dom, Detective Gage Roskam, Landry is brought to London through the machinations of James Ellery, a British rogue who has involved the pair in several dangerous adventures in the past.

With Ellery missing, Landry joins forces with Ellery’s sub, and together they navigate a series of complex clues. Pursued by a relentless, powerful enemy and guided by a trail of enigmatic clues, Landry finds his wit and resilience become his greatest assets. The clues unravel against a backdrop of danger, romance and the ever-present threat of betrayal, dating back to the Russian Revolution.

In a race against time, Landry and his friends must outsmart ruthless adversaries hell-bent on claiming the treasure for their own. The stakes are high, and Landry’s journey becomes a thrilling adventure where the true worth of friendship is revealed.

General Release Date: 30th July 2024

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Going once, going twice, sold!

For sub Ethan Peltier, selling himself to the highest bidder will set him up for life.

Merrick Tremayne sees the sub auction as an opportunity to avoid gold diggers and try out the lifestyle he craves. A business transaction with a willing participant is something he understands.

Restoring Merrick’s family home in Cornwall gives the men a chance to get to know each other while they work together. Neither of them expects to fall in love, but the drama of some traumatic events reveals the intensity of their feelings.

Will the auction contract stand, or will they find a way to let each other know that defaulting might be the only option?

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Sooner or later, something, or someone, has to break.

Tyr Blackstone is a bodyguard for hire assigned to protect the nephew of a wealthy businessman. He’s prepared to babysit a spoiled rich kid but instead finds himself guarding a young man held virtual prisoner.

Milo Forbes wants nothing more than to escape his brutal uncle’s clutches but is trapped. If he runs, his uncle will withdraw funding for his brother Matthew’s care.

On his twenty-third birthday, Milo will inherit a vast fortune, but his uncle has been plotting for years to prevent that happening. As the date approaches, his uncle sets in motion a set of plans designed to destroy Milo’s mental stability.

Tyr, tasked by his mysterious employer with keeping an eye on Milo’s uncle as well as his charge, soon realises that Warren Forbes is evil, concealing his greed for wealth beneath a veneer of concern for Milo’s wellbeing.

Forced proximity with a fragile young man means Tyr’s growing feelings for Milo are tempered by guilt. His need for control and Milo’s willingness to submit are thrown into stark relief by their circumstances.

Can Milo survive the trauma his uncle has subjected him to, accept his found family and find his happily ever after?